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Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness Radio.

Midnight Madness Radio

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Midnight Madness TV 2009-2013.

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Watch Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness premiered on Pegasys TV on Wednesday 12-02-09 at 10:30 PM, and Friday 12-04-09 at 10:00 PM on channel 11 in Enid Oklahoma, and Midnight Madness was on every Wednesday and Friday on Pegasys TV on Sudden Link Cable Systems. Midnight Madness was also rebroadcast on 900 Comcast Cable stations in the western United States, and we thank Pegasys, Suddenlink, and Comcast Cable for everything. We are looking to gear up for production soon, and we hope to bring you more great episodes of Midnight Madness.


Filming Schedule The Early Days.

Midnight Madness is on Pegasys Television in Enid Oklahoma.


We will be filming at:

601 N. Independence Ave.
Enid, OK. 73701
Phone: 580-237-4001


11-14-09 Wetspot
11-21-09 Second Nature
11-28-09 Backhand
12-05-09 Planetary Confinement
12-12-09 Pokerface
12-19-09 P. Stone-Canceled

12-19-09-Filmed at The Underground


We will be filming at The Glass House

2609 Rock Island Blvd.

Enid, Oklahoma

Sat Jan 09 09:30 PM

Cemetary Circus 

phaynt Sygnal


01-23-10-We will be filming at The Glasshouse with Turbo Sloth and Marshall Law

01-30-10-We will be filming at The Glasshouse-Canceled

02-06-10-We will be filming at The Last Honkey Tonk with Pokerface

02-13-10-We will be filing at C.C.'s Tavern with Turbo Sloth, Savanah, and Glen & Kelly

02-20-10-We will be filming at The Glasshouse with Wild Sallee, Dead Set, and 5 Dollar Thrill

02-27-10-We will be filming at C.C.'s Tavern with Glam R Us

03-05-10-We will be filming at The Felt Bird with The Notes We Speak and Riley Jantzem

03-06-10-We will be filming at The Glasshouse with 4th Order


03-19-10-We will be filming at The Glasshouse with 13 Cent Kill and Nursing Home Panty Raid

03-20-10-We will be filming at Sharkey's with Arson

03-27-10-We will be filming at The Underground with Horse Called War, Cemetery Circus, and War Mammoth 

Come out to see the shows.
Be in the audience, and maybe you will see yourself on Midnight Madness.



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Midnight Madness Radio.

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